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The Accuracy International Mk13 Compact is the fully licensed airsoft replica of the civilian version of the Mk13 Mod 7, the new standard issue sniper rifle of the United States Marine Corps.Every detail of this rifle has been faithfully recreated from its real counterpart, from the tip of the four-prong steel flash hider to back of the buttpad. Licensed Accuracy International markings are engraved onto the stock and receiver for unmatched authenticity. No corners have been cut in the construction of the Mk13, utilizing steel, aluminum, and high strength polymer rather than low durability alloys or plastics.


Externally and internally, the Mk13 has a list of features almost as long as the gun itself, and comes out of the box with quality and performance surpassing most aftermarket upgraded sniper rifles. The hop-up chamber has been completely upgraded to a top-dead-center design, providing much more consistent and even pressure for greatly improved accuracy and range. For players who still want to tinker with their rifle, the Mk13 still retains VSR-10 parts compatibility for most parts.


External Features:

- Anodized aluminum Keymod rail system

- Aluminum outer barrel

- Steel flash hider

- Polymer & aluminum stock chassis

- Folding stock with adjustable cheek-rest & butt-pad

- QD sling sockets

- Keymod - mounted bipod stud


Internal Features:

- Spiral-fluted steel cylinder with steel cylinder head

- CNC-machined aluminum piston with glide rings & steel base

- Ported piston head with impact-absorption pad

- Steel spring guide with bushing

- 90 degree steel trigger system

- New style CNC-machined aluminum TDC hop-up chamber with steel arm

- Inner barrel stabilizing rings

- VSR-10 compatible for most internal parts


**Must be 18+ to purchase airsoft rifles/pistols from ELR Airsoft**