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Camo-PEN Information



Pack contains 2 standard colors and 2 custom colors.

CAMO-PEN is made from the highest quality materials!

The paint 

  • The paint is water based acrylic, fused with polyvinyl resin and acrylic water based varnish.
  • It will cure be waterproof and scratch resistant after 24-36 hours.
  • Paint cleanup in the first hour is easy with some warm water and soap.
  • After the paint cures it will need to be sanded off or removed with acrylic paint remover.

The sponge

  • The sponge tips are specifically crafted for our CAMO-PENs.
  • The highest quality sponges are die cut to 15 mm circles for great application.


  • Each CAMO-PEN has 30ml of paint and provides 1/2 m2 of coverage on non-porous surfaces.
  • It is possible to paint multiple items with one CAMO-PEN


  • While CAMO-PEN is made from water based products and is not toxic to the environment, it should not be ingested and for some people could cause allergic reactions on the skin.
  • If the paint makes contact with your eyes flush for 5-15 minutes with cool clean water.


  • Prep the surface of the area you want to paint by sanding with a fine sandpaper or sanding sponge we recommend 250 grit or higher.
  • If the surface is already rough or porous you may skip sanding.
  • Clean the area with acetone for metal parts or warm soapy water for plastic allow to dry fully before sanding.
  • Shake the CAMO-PEN vigorously before each use!
  • Unscrew the cap and remove the seal (we recommend that you keep the seal if you plan to store the pen for longer than a month)
  • Screw the cap on and then when you gently squeeze the pen, paint will b expelled through the hole in the sponge.
  • Be careful not to squeeze the pen too hard!
  • Paint the desired area by gently dabbing the sponge tip on the area.
  • Avoid painting like a brush as back and forth motion may separate the sponge from the nozzle.
  • If the paint gets stuck, remove the whole top and clean with warm water or use a stir stick to dislodge any hard paint.
  • After the base coat is applied and has dried to the touch, take one color at a time and gently apply it with very soft dabbing motions to create a natural camo pattern from the holes in the sponge.
  • Do this with each color of your choice over the entire surface you want painted until your desired result is achieved 

CAMO-PEN offers quite a few advantages compared to traditional methods of painting. ​


  • With CAMO-PEN it is possible to have a fully custom painted gun(rifle) in about 1 hour.....
  • Yes you read that right! One hour and you can have a dry to the touch, multi coated, multicolor, custom paint job!
  • Smaller items can be done even faster! The CAMO-PEN paint is dry to touch in just a few minutes and with the pen like design, custom work is as simple as drawing on your gear!


  • CAMO-PEN's unique design means you won't make a mess and have paint spilling all over.
  • Also, you can paint your gun anywhere without worrying about fumes from spray paint or putting down big drop clothes!


  • There is no paint brush to deal with, no cans, no hassle!
  • Just pick up your CAMO-PEN and go!
  • Once you are done, just pop the cap back on and save the rest of your paint for later.
  • With our custom designed stencils you can make great patterns in minutes!


  • You can pick up a CAMO-PEN set or even one color for a fraction of the cost of spray paints or custom shop paint jobs.
  • Also, you are not wasting half the paint on your project like you do with spray paints!


  • CAMO-PEN's unique design allows you to sponge texture the paint job.
  • This results in an unparalleled grip surface on your gear as well as less light reflection due to the shadowing effect of the texture!
  • Who doesn't want to have a better grip on their gun, radio or any gear you have?

Important Info and stuff...

  • Dry to touch/2nd coat in about 5-10 minutes depending on the temperature and humidity.
  • The warmer and less humid it is the faster it will dry!
  • Waterproof and scratch resistant after 24-36 hours depending on temperature and humidity.


  • CAMO-PEN uses non-toxic water based paint.
  • This means that most people, animal and plants will have no adverse reaction to contact.
  • It is not safe for consumption and should be cleaned from skin in a timely manner should contact occur.


  • CAMO-PEN paint is waterproof once cured.
  • After the paint has dried for about 24-36 hours the paint can be completely immersed in water with no adverse effect.
  • It is NOT recommended using this paint on items that will be in contact with water 100% of the time.
  • Getting wet and then drying off will be no problem but prolonged water contact can cause the paint to start to breakdown.


  • CAMO-PEN paint is scratch resistant when fully cured(24-36 hours).
  • This means that when the paint has been applied properly to a clean and prepped surface and allowed the proper cure time, the paint should not easily scratch off.
  • In most cases the paint will "scuff" but not "scratch".
  • In the event of a scuff, simply apply a touch up to the scuffed area and it will be good as new!