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Kraken TAC-41 TDC Hopup Chamber + Cylinder Head

Convert your TAC-41 with the Kraken TAC-41 TDC hopup unit! A true TDC hopup unit which uses GBB/VSR style buckings, the favorite type of buckings used by airsoft snipers. 


Key Features :

  • TDC Hopup Unit
  • Perfectly alignment, impossible to install incorrectly.
  • Special TAC-41 Kraken Silent Cylinder Head with rubber anti shock pads on back and front (mandatory to use with Kraken TAC-41 hopup).
  • GBB/VSR style buckings (Stalker TAC41 Double Fin SR-hop bucking 60° included)
  • Weather Resistant nub compartment due to unique design.
  • No segment hop adjustment for optimal fine-tuning(no clicks)
  • Can only be used with GBB barrels, recommended is the Morpheus Hybrid Barrel.


The Kraken TAC-41 set comes with:

  • 1x Hopup Main Body
  • 1x Flat TDC adjustment wheel
  • 1x Flat TDC Nub (concave on pressure pad)
  • 1x Square Barrel Spacer
  • 1x O-ring for hopup wheel
  • 1x Stalker Double Fin SR-hop Bucking 60° 
  • 1x Kraken TAC-41 Silent Cylinder head (Nozzle inner diameter ~ 4.40mm (4.40mm air brakes for Scorpion piston sold separately)
  • Cylinder head rubber anti shock pads front and back
  • 2x Flat Inner Barrel Locking Screws
  • 2x Point Inner Barrel Locking Screws (For Smaller Barrel Side Cuts)


What makes this hopup different and how does it work?

The design of the Kraken Hopup and Kraken TAC-41 Cylinder head is made in such a way that the BB is perfectly placed in the right place on the bucking patch, giving your TAC-41 the most consistent hop, resulting in more range and accuracy. Next to that the cylinder head comes with 2 bumper pads, this reduces the sound of contact between the cylinder and hopup unit. Making your TAC41 just a bit quieter.

The design of the Kraken TAC41 hopup unit makes it impossible to misalign the hopup in between hopup unit and bucking/outer barrel. The hopup unit has 2 cutouts that work perfectly with the Stalker TAC41 Double Fin SR-hop buckings. The complete hopup avoids any wobble with the square barrel spacer and 2 locking screws. The hopup main body has a raised edge under the wheel to avoid any water entering the TDC nub compartment.



Installation Instructions/Requirements

You need to have a GBB style barrel to be able to install the Stalker Kraken TAC-41 TDC hopup unit, this can be any length you wish to use.

  1. Disassemble your TAC-41 as described in the Silverback manual.
  2. Unpack your Stalker TAC-41 TDC hopup unit (check if everything is included).
  3. Install the included O-ring on the hopup wheel section of the main body.
  4. Install the Stalker TAC41 Double Fin SR-hop Bucking on your GBB barrel.
  5. Slide the hopup unit main body over your bucking.
  6. Slide the square spacer onto the inner barrel with the arrow facing towards the end of your inner barrel into the hopup main body.
  7. Install the screws through the hopup unit main body and through the barrel spacer to lock everything in place. (Choos the right screws for your inner barrel and do not over tight the screws as this might damage your brass inner barrel).
  8. Attach the included rubber anti shock pads on front of the Stalker cylinder head by removing the 3M tape and fit them into the cutouts.
  9. Glue the rubber anti shock pad on the back of the cylinderhead with a few drops of instant glue
  10. Drop your cylinder internals in the cylinder and install the cylinder head on your cylinder.
  11. Assemble your TAC-41 back together as described in the Silverback manual.
  12. Insert the Flat TDC Nub with the concave shape towards the bucking.
  13. Install the hopup wheel on the hopup unit main body.
  14. Load your TAC-41 and adjust the wheel clockwise to increase or anticlockwise to decrease your hop setting.
  15. Have a big smile, you are ready to rock the field!


We have an installation video for you as well!

*installation Video will be showed here on release*


About Stalker
After a good success with the release of the SRS Kraken hopup chamber, Stalker decided to also make a hopup chamber for the Silverback TAC-41. This design is again a creation from the mind of Stalker. With his designs he tries to take the community into account and fulfill all the wishes of the players, and goes the extra mile to incorporate his knowledge as a graduated gunsmith, airsoft player, and fan of the Silverback airsoft line-up. That's why the Stalker products are easy to set up and work like a charm.