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STALKER Panthera Hop Arm + 2x Rubber Panthera Concave Nub (3pc Set)



The Stalker Panthera Hop Arm enhances your stock VSR-10 Hopup . The Panthera arm eliminate's wobble and almost or certainly have the same results as a TDC mod. After installing this arm and adjust your setting, there's almost no up and down movement of the arm. This hopup arm, is designed to give a huge boost of your stock hopup of your VSR-10. 

This arm accepts the most populair nubs but ofcourse we offer u a concave nub that works the best with Our Arm and Maple Leaf Buckings.

This Product contains:

1x Stalker Panthera Hopup Arm
1x Soft Rubber Panthera Concave Nub (For Lower Joules Setups)
1x Hard Rubber Panthera Concave Nub (For Standard and Higher Joules Setups)

The arm design offers u:

  • Improved width to elminate wobble in between the two chamber halfs.
  • Adjusted nub pocket to align the nub center on the bucking patch.
  • Adepts a variaty of nubs (Our Panthera VSR nub is suggested to use with this arm).
  • A smaller adjusting gap to elaminates up and down wobble on the arm and adjusting bar.
  • Improved chamber axle hole to elminate wobble in between the chamber axle and arm
  • This arm is designed and tested on Stock JG / TM and Maple leaf Chambers.

Approved working chambers with this arm:

  • TM VSR-10 Stock Chamber
  • JG-BAR 10 Stock Chamber
  • Maple Leaf Chamber (Little mod required on the maple leaf chamber)
  • Cyma CM701 (Little mod required on the Cyma stock chamber's axle or arm hole)
  • This arm work best with maple leaf buckings

*Please read before buying*

  • This arm might work perfectly on different brand VSR-10 chambers that are copy's of the TM, JG and Maple Leaf chambers.

  • This arm does not work with bridged barrels, Only open cut GBB/VSR like Crazy jet barrel works perfectly.
  • This arm may require modification on other hopup brands than listed in the approved list above.
  • To fit this arm in a Maple Leaf chamber, a little mod is needed on the maple leaf chamber (Remove the little bulge on the inside of the chamber half as seen on photo 4)

  • To fit this arm in a Cyma CM701 chamber a little mod is required, make the axle on the chamber thinner or file the hopup arm bigger.


The Stalker Panthera Concave Nub is designed to work with the Stalker Panthera Hop Arm but also works perfeclty with the Action Army VSR-10 And Ares Striker Chamber aswell as many other sniper chambers. We designed the Panthera Concave Nub to get the most out of your Hopup chamber and gives your gun a huge boost in range and accuracy.

  • Fits Stalker Panthera Hop Arm
  • Fits Action Army Red VSR-10 Hopup Chamber
  • Fits Action Army Blue Striker Hopup Chamber
  • Might fit other chambers that has the same spec. as the TM / JG Stock chambers etc.