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The Stalker Scorpion TAC-41 Piston! 

After designing the Stalker Scorpion SRS and Scorpion VSR and SSG-10 editions it was now time for the TAC-41 edition.

The Stalker Scorpion piston has an extremely modular design which was made from scratch on my drawing table a long time ago. It has all the options people could want for their piston. It is a unique concept where 6 weights form the body itself, and as the piston itself is made up of these weights, it is also possible to extend the piston with additional weights (shortstroke/shortpull) which in turn reduces the volume of your cylinder and joule output but benefits from a short pull and shorter piston travel.

The New Stalker Scorpion Piston for the SRS!

Key Features :

  • Weight adjustable modular piston (from ~61 to 144 grams)
  • Silences your TAC-41
  • Increases joule/fps consistency
  • Adjustable Air Brakes for optimal fine-tuning
  • Option to short stroke your SRS for quicker reloads ( at the cost of some joules )

The piston has 2 adjustable air brakes included for optimal fine-tuning depending on your setup.

  • 1x 3.80mm Short Air Brake (Optimal for 3J~ Builds or higher).
  • 1x 3.80 mm Long Air Brake (Optimal for 2J~ Builds or lower).

The new designed piston comes with a slightly modified piston cup to give optimal results in the SRS cylinders. This cup will work from 1J up to 4J+ without any issues.

Included in this kit :

  • 1x Stalker Scorpion Spring Guide (With Engraved Stalker Logo)
  • 1x Piston Cup
  • 1x Aluminum piston head
  • 1x Stainless steel piston head
  • 5x Aluminum weights
  • 4x Stainless steel weights
  • Durable Sear end cap made of stainless steel (15 grams)
  • 2 Adjustable Air Brakes (Long & Short)
  • 1x Nut to lock the Air Brake setting
  • 10- O rings for in between the weights or cylinder head to stop the weights from loosening by playing.
  • Front and Back guide rings made of POM

The 6 piece setup allows for 12 different setups, by extending the piston with an additional weight it allows you to choose from 12 additional setups to choose from.

Here's a list for the 6 piece setups:

TAC41 Scorpion 61g (1x head alu, 5x mid section alu)
TAC41 Scorpion 74g (1x head alu, 1x mid section steel , 4x mid section alu)
TAC41 Scorpion 78g (1x head steel, 5x mid section alu)
TAC41 Scorpion 87g (1x head alu, 2x mid section steel , 3x mid section alu)
TAC41 Scorpion 91g (1x head steel, 1x mid section steel , 4x mid section alu)
TAC41 Scorpion 99g (1x head alu, 3x mid section steel , 2x mid section alu)
TAC41 Scorpion 105g (1x head steel, 2x mid section steel , 3x mid section alu)
TAC41 Scorpion 113g (1x head alu, 4x mid section steel , 1x mid section alu)
TAC41 Scorpion 116g (1x head steel, 3x mid section steel , 2x mid section alu)
TAC41 Scorpion 126g (1x head alu, 5x mid section steel)
TAC41 Scorpion 130g (1x head steel, 4x mid section steel , 1x mid section alu)
TAC41 Scorpion 144g (1x head steel, 5x mid section steel)(Needs 1 extra steel weight, sold separately)

I’ll explain the features of this piston for you below.

The cup is made of durable high quality rubber and have been tested and adapted to have the best performance with the currently stock cylinder of Silverback.

Lube piston cup just a little bit with oil such as Motor oil, Sewing machine oil, or grease like TechT before use.

  • Zero loading friction.
  • Thumb Block Air Seal
  • Fast Reloading (Lightest pull).
  • High Durability Hardened Steel End Cap
  • Shortstroke option to extend piston to get faster reload and shorter pull.
  • 2j on 0.45 with Rapax Lightpull spring, add guide spacers or remove back guidering to reach 2.3j

The piston comes with several body weights that are interchangeable with each other to perfectly set up your TAC-41

Next to that, the piston head is available in these versions as well.

  • Aluminum anodized black, each head weighs: 8 Grams
  • Polished steel, each head weighs: 24 Grams

This way you can configure the piston between ~61 to 144 grams, This way you can set it up for any kind of joule output(You need to get an extra weight to get to 150grams). This kit comes to 130 grams.

Next to that, the piston comes with 2x Adjustable Airbrake made of High Quality Stainless Steel.

These are non-tapered, fat, Stainless Steel airbrakes that are the most "direct" working airbrakes, once the airbrake enters the nozzle the piston immediately starts to slow down resulting in a very silent setup. With these adjustable airbrakes, you can tune your setup properly. it comes with a double cutout to place optional O-rings.

The airbrake is held with a nut underneath the cup against the piston head to keep it in place after you have adjusted it to your liking.

The size of the entrance of the Scorpion piston has been optimized to work best with APS2 style springs such as Rapax and Silverback springs it might work just fine with other brand springs as long as these springs have the same diameter as the springs mentioned above(APS2 style).

Basically, if you like a plug and play piston or if you are a master of tinkering with your piston weights, airbrake, and cups to get the best performance, then the Stalker Scorpion is your best friend.

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