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Stalker SRhop Bucking

The Stalker SRhop bucking is designed to be a hybrid of a Rhop bucking with an extended front, it has its own perfect balanced properties of good material, design, and bucking patch fitment for optimal performance of your bb flight path. We wanted to have the largest bucking lift path possible so we enlarged the front of the SRhop patch as you see in the product photos.
We are very grateful to the people who tested this product and we hope the community will enjoy it as much as we do!


  • Increase range
  • Increase accuracy
  • Increase better BB flight path
  • Works in cold and warm temperatures

Compatible with

  • SSG-10, VSR or VSR Clones, or other snipers that use VSR style bucking.
  • GBB rifles that use VSR style bucking.
  • Pistols that use VSR style bucking.
  • Unbridged barrels that can accept VSR/GBB/Pistol style bucking.

Color and shore

  • Green 40°
  • Pink 50° 
  • Purple 60° 
  • Orange 70°
  • Magenta 80°