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STALKER SRS Low Profile Prowler Nub (LPP)


The Low Profile Prowler Nub is the smallest and lowest nub in the family and increases range and accuracy of your SRS Airsoft Sniper.

This nub is made because there are some buckings with higher patches inside like the maple leaf and T.N.T buckings. This Nub works best in combination with these kind of buckings. if you have a lower patch or want more hop then we suggest to play with the Prowler 60 or 75 degree Rubber nubs or Prowler plastic nub.

- Prowler Clear = Hard Plastic (Concave Model)
- Prowler Black Rubber = 60 Degree Rubber Nub (Concave Model)
- Prowler Purple Rubber = 75 Degree Rubber Nub (Concave Model)
- Prowler Blue = Hard Plastic but low profile (Flat model With little concave shape)

*For Rhop Setups recommend the Stalker Tigra Nub